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INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORIES  |  Athropolis Covers the World!

Awards & Acknowledgements
(*NOTE: "Search Engines" find all sites in a category, while "Directories" are selected lists.)
Yahooligans - The Web Guide for Kids

Yahoo - USA xx Yahoo - Canada

About.com - The Human Internet

SchoolNet - Language Arts

CyberSleuth Kids - Internet search guide for the K-12 student

KidsClick - Web Search for Kids by Librarians

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Arctic Theme Page

Government of Nunavut - Welcome to the Fun Zone

Google Web Directory - Kids' Online Stories

Lycos - Online Stories

Lycos Zone - The Lycos Network Site for Kids

LookSmart - The Quality Web Directory

Learning Network - What's Hot on the Web for Parents and Kids

KidsKonnect - Created and maintained by educators

KinderStart - Because Kids don't come with instructions

HotBot Directory - Nature and Environment

Cool Network - Let children browse the web safely

Oingo - Meaning-based search

1001 Searches - Search the web a zillion different ways

YourOnlineLink - Children's Online Stories

Education Planet - The Education Web Guide

Netscape - Online Stories

Hot Lava - Children's Entertainment

MORE Online - Online Books and Stories

Open Directory Project - A directory by volunteer editors.

Web Secrets - Over 1 million of the web's best sites!

WebComics - The Fun Portal

ABC 123 Directory - The Preferred Directory

Jabuti.com - A Website for Parents

Dizzy Duckling - Everyone Loves Music!

Vcrawl.com - Online Stories

Jupiter Parents - Online Community Resource for Florida Parents

4Topweb.com - Open Directory

CBEL dot com - Arts and Entertainment for Kids

My ParenTime - Your Info Community

Links2Go - The best of the web organized into related topics

Excite - Kids Web Sites

MaximumEdge - Dynamic Directory

The Babies Planet - Bedtime Stories

Just for Fun - Hotlist of Trivia and Games

Zeal Preview - Search. Review. Discover.

Monitor.ca - Monitor Magazine Online

Annotate.net - World's first Find Engine

Orca Link - Kids' Links

1up Travel.com - A Portal with a Difference

Library Sweet Library - Kid-Friendly Search Tools

Bundaberg State High School - Social Science Links

LakeChamplain.com - Online Stories Directory

Jefferson County Schools - Kid Stuff

PacMall - Online Books and Stories

findNEXT - Imagine what you are going to...

Borland Community - Directory

Appukids - The Kids Site for Entertainment and Education

Maplesearch.com - Reference

AllZone - School Zone

AppuKids - Play Sites Directory

KidsAstronomy.com - Useful Websites

Dogpile - Online Stories Directory

SearchWho? - Top Web Site List

Open Here! - Kids

Search Beat - Kids and Teens

HandiLinks - Kids Directory

Surf-Site.com - Web Surfing Directory

Parker Colorado Community Website - Help Links

Open Here! - Kids

KIDSorg.com - Online Stories

DSI's Directory - Education

LinkBank - Arctic

AnsMe - Ask a Question

KidsKonnect - Fun Ones

Surfable Books Project - Making the Web an Open Book

Slider - Online Books

TeacherStuff - Links to the Best

Dreamscapes - Aurora Database

Real Trip Report - Cold Places

The Gambeson Center - Online Stories

With1Click - Online Kids Stories

Open Here! - Kids

@brint.com - The BizTech Network

StartPage.ca - Prince Edward Island

Petagonia.com - Pet Healing, health and Happiness

Listings British Columbia - Children

Teradex.com - Family

Gabout - Online Stories

RoliPoli - Kids and Teens

Cyber Cafe networks - Online Stories

Travlang - Children

Beebware.com - Online Stories

Study Web - Links for Learning

Map Internet - Kids and Teens

Archaeology Project - Dig, dig, dig

Listings Canada - Children

Kid's Online Resources - Stories Online

The Arctic School Project - Classroom Package

TopSitesLinks.com - Top Canadian Kids Sites

Our Mysterious Past - Links

Library Sweet Library - Pick'n'Click

KaZaZZ - Online Stories

Kid's OLR - Kid's Online Resources

1001 Searches - Kids and Teens

Canadian Geographic - Polar Bound

Altair7 Communications - Online Stories

InfoHelpway - Online Stories

USATODAY - Wonderquest

Texas Trader - Online Stories

Cub Scout Links - Children

The Magic Rabbit - Magical Entertainment

Kidz Printz - Fun Ways to Learn

WebCrawler - Kids Web Sites

Teradex.com - Online Stories

Study Web - Links for Learning

Computers@Home - for work, learning and fun

Dynamic Directory - Online Stories

Homework Planet - The Student Web Guide

eMetro - Online Stories

Aurora Database - Links

Wish7.com - Kids and Teens

Cool Goose - Online Stories

FORKZ - Online Stories

RoliPoli - Nature and Environment

Digicomm - Education

TeAch-nology - The Web Portal for Educators

Sympatico - Online Stories

ilectric Directory - Online Stories

PandaSeek - Online Stories

Focus-IN - Specialty Web Network

Lookat - Nature and Environment

Kid's OLR - Kid's Online Resources

The Mail Archive - TeacherStuff

12C4 Hot Topics - Cool Sites

Urbia - The Family Site

Datasegment.com - Web Directory

Superlative - Art and Music Sites

Durhan Personal Computer Users' Club - Family

Surfaquarium - Superlative Art and Music Sites

EZ2 - Online Stories

searchfeed.com - Jokes

7S.com - Skywatching and Star Maps

ArmedForces.Net - Online Stories

Pluckie.com - The Subjective Web Directory

Geometry - the Online Learning Center

Beebware - Games

Dutch Courage's GeoCams - Arctic & Antarctica

Ask Jeeves - Ask.com

5th Grade Learning Links - Arctic Research

Makunu - Funnel the Web

Netmation - Games

Searchers click - Online Stories

Pumpkin and Company - Educational Sites

Hays Daily News - Newspapers in Education

Micro2media - Games

Brint Research Portal - Games

Rohwer Elementary - Destinations

Arctic Regions - Climate

BigTome.com - Games: Jigsaw Puzzles

Surfinbox - School Time

Just For Kids Stuff - Great Stuff

Jacsprat - Online Stories

out 2 teach - Earth Science

CISSP OSG - Open Study Guide

BuildAfrica.org - Kids and Teens

Nanaimo Guide - Your Community Links

DarkHaven - Games

CombTheNet - Online Stories

FatDuck.com - Kids and Teens


BPortal - Kids and Teens

San-Diego.com - Directory

OutdoorEd.com - The Professional's Resource

A Hotlist on the Inuit - Earl Grey School

Tech Update - Web Resources for Educators

cool 4 kids - Online Stories

BigTome.com - Jigsaw Puzzles

Lobak.com - Games

Travel.com - Kids and Teens

World of Education - Nature and Environment

Universities - Online Stories

Hotlist on the Inuit - Earl Grey School

Read Around the World - Toronto Public Library

Arctic Research - General Information

A Ton Of - Entertainment Games

Netmation.Org - Free Resources

Classroom Monitor - Kidstuff

Searchers Click - Nature and Environment

TYPEgames.com - Games

TeacherViews - Education Place

Toronto Public Library - Read Around the World

AOL Anywhere - Games

Teacher Web - Arctic Sites

Rohwer Elementary - Destinations

Find-Information.Net - Games

GJSentinal.com - Kids

Stunning Cyber Works - Online Stories

Radio-List.com - Internet Radio Stations

TYPEgames.com - Top Games Sites

ArmedForces.Net - Online Stories

Treasure Coast Health - Kids and Teens

A Ton Of - Entertainment and Games

Dutch Courageĺs GeoCams - North Pole and South Pole

Iobak.com - Kids and Teens

Kid Grid - Best Websites for Teens


Peach Pod - Entertainment and Games

LocalLink Internet - Kids and Teens

FULLnet - Kids and Teens

MichNews.Net - Michigan's Information Network

QueLoQue.com - Web Directory

Kent County Public Library - Online Stories

UebiMiau - Stories

GenieFind Kids - Stories for Kids

Type Network - Stories

Ottawa-Carleton School Board - Recommended Sites

Canada Computes.com - Readers pick their favourite sites

NIE World - Newspapers in Education

Merriam-Webster - Popular Icy Sites

Weatherford Independent School District - Social Studies

Tackan Elementary School Library - Grade 3

EASYLYNK.COM - Directory

Central Michigan University - Earth Science and Geography Instruction

State University of New York - Physical Geography

State University of New York at New Paltz - Department of Geography

Byrd Polar Research Center - Polar Pointers

Internet Resources for Geographers - Geography Resources

MI CLiMB Science - Instruction

Dawzz - Directory

UGA Today.com - Student-run Student Portal

MakeItSimple.com - Directory

Elementary Themes - Maps and map Skills

Winnipeg Alive - Games

National Snow & Ice Data Center - Iceberg Sites

Kid Info - World History

Polar Regions Web Sites - The Arctic

The Poalr Regions - Worksheet

St. James Elementary - Grade 3 Curriculum Links

Topsfield Public Schools - Polar Resources

Irvington Middle School - Web Resource Page: Frozen World

TopSites - Games

Discovery Elementary Surf Station - People and Places

Special Needs Family Friendly Fun - For Special Needs Families

Mountain City Elementary - Polar Bears Past Bedtime

Rohwer Elementary - Destinations

The Water Virtual Learning Centre - Maps of the Arctic

University of the Arctic - A University Without Walls

WIT* and Wisdom - Waukesha Integrates through Technology

JRLOOK.com - Online Stories

LeadingTexts.com - The Most Useful Websites

EASYLINK.COM - Kids and Teens

PremiumStart.com - Your Window to Top Sites

Junglescene - Kids and Teens

Dawzz - Get Portaled

AXS2Net - Kids and Teens

Plush Doggie - Online Stories

BN23.com - Online Stories

Whizz Kids - Games

KidsNU2 - Astronomy and Space

Sea World - Marine Education

CanadianFamily - The Ultimate Boredom Reliever

Canadian Content - Kids and Teens

Surf Potato - Make with the clickin'

Hooting Owl - The Wise Way to Search

Sify Search - Kids and Teens

ZEAL - Share your knowledge. Set the standard.

Colorado University - Geography Resources

GenieFind Kids - A human edited, safe search directory for Kids

Sify Search - Directory for Games

Institute of Media - Directory

Blue Rope - Lasso What You Need

Hooting owl - The Wise Way to Search

WacoTrip.com - Waco Tribune-Herald

Polar Resources - Arctic Glossary

Radio-List.com - Radio Stations on the Net

Jacsprat - Online Stories

Netmation.org - Free Resources

Universities.com - A Resource for College Education

Mrs. Freeland's Science Class - Grade Six

ChildrenCanada - Online Stories

TruroNS - Portal to Truro, Nova Scotia

Edwardscape'S Link Center - Science

WIT and Wisdom - Resources for Reading/Language Arts

Searchalot - We search a lot, so you won't have to!

Junglescene.com - Games

ManInNet.Com - Games

Tech Update - Web Resources for Educators

LagunaBeach.net - Games

YottaDot.org - Games

LOOK.com - Directory

WRPSdotNET - Web Resources for Teachers, Students, and Families

The Halifax Herald - Science-Technology

Kids Seek - Philippines

Kids Seek - Search engine just for kids and children

Kids of America - SafeSearch

Children Canada - Directory for Children

Checkburst.com - Directory

Web Sites by Subject - Blue Valley School District

Parkland School - Nunavut Resources

Educational Service Unit - Classroom Links

TeacherViews - Educational

Findtarget - Find your target fast

Toronto Public Library - Read Around the World

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International Directories

Web Wombat - World Directory
Yahoo - Australia & NZ
CityPop.net - Australia
OzEmu - Emu's Favourite Sites
LookSmarkt Australia - Cool Stuff for Kids
The Book Nook - Long Tales Two
Kidstuff - Games
Kids.Net.au - Online Stories
Sea World - Marine Education

Telekunier - Online Stories

Geography Tutorial - Teacher's Support
Benelux Internet Gids - Games
Links to Space - Directory

Uni-Sofia - Directory

Camweb - Cambodian Cyber Culture

Craighouse - Activities to Learn and to Entertain
Family Internet - Virtual Youth Fair

Eureka! - The Indexer of Cyprus

Webzin.cz - Kids and Teens
Red Box - Directory

Kvasir - Kids
Sol S°g - Globale Links
Holychao - Games
IGFH Tagesgruppen - Datenbank
HildebrandtsPortal - Web Portal
ultrakoreggd.de - Kids and Teens
World Wide Weasel - Games
DINO Online - Games
freenet.de - Online Stories
Walhello - Internet Suche
linksSammlung - Games

Nautilia - Worldwide directory for nautical webs
Excite-France - Science

Urbia - The Family Site
hau-ab.de - Links fŘr alle
excite - Germany

OkTo.com - Sites for Kids

pikaguam.com - Guam's Online magazine

Yayawoo.com - Hong Kong Top Sites
Yahoo - Hong Kong

University of the Arctic - A University Without Walls
┴hugaver­ar krŠkjur - A­rar ßhugaver­ar krŠkjur

Computers@Home - Kids' PC
India Informer - Selected Publications
IndianChild - Child Safe Directory
LookSmart India - Kids Games
Shivaji Park - Mumbai City
MomsIndia.com - Moms of India Online

NetSoc - Kids and Teens

KOLISRAEL.com - Web Directory
Kineret.com - School Zone

superEva - International Directory
VAI Directory - School Time
Giovanni Tranchida Editore - Online Stories
TerritoriaScuola - Informazione
La Girandola - il portale die bambini
excite - Italy

Listen Japan - Japanese Web Directory
JapanGo - Games
AAA! Cafe - Kids and Teens

Putera - Arts and Entertainment

The Best Sites for Kids - The Portal for Kids

Gate99 - Kids' Online Stories
Vindex - de vindplaats van het nederlandse web
www.dokterz.nl - The Dutch Guitar Community
leintje.nl - Directory

LookSmart New Zealand - Kids' Games

Geofysisk Institutt, - Du sp°r, vi svarer

Spider Magazine - Kids Zone
Creadev.8m - Kids Zone

Kids Seek - Philippines

DMOZ - Poland: Open Directory Project
Mainseek - Online Stories
Poland YellowPages - Online Stories
Wirtualna Polska - Katalog Swiatowy
SIGNS.PL - Portal polskiej reklamy wizualnej

SAPO - Portugal Online

Web Directory - Online Stories
MavicaNET - Directory
MP3S - Children
Artists.MP3 - Audio Books and MP3

Arab Rest - Kids Corner

Axxess Africa - Directory

Bagera.net - Directory
Yahoo - Spain

Evreka - Scandinavia Online

Das Schweizer Internet-Portal - Swiss Web Portal
Swisse.org - Online Stories

Thai Web - Kids and Teens

Verita - The UK Web Directory
Yahoo - UK & Ireland
Educate the Children - Schoolsnet.UK
shropshireNOW.co.uk - Shropshire's Online Community
northernireland.net - Kids and Teens
Just Books - British internet marketplace for books
Linkspider UK - Games
TeachingResource.co.uk - Environment
Kidz - Online Stories
Aberystwyth and District Archaeological Society - Young Archaeologists
Ability - Online Stories
Linkspider - Games
AOL.CO.UK - Online Stories
UK.Sprite - UK Search Engine And Web Guide
ChilliSauce - Online Stories
City of Winchester - Web Portal

inter.co.yu - Magazin

Euroseek.com - Online Stories

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