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From our library of things you should know about the Arctic

"I think I'll grab that big guy's lunch!"

The Arctic fox is both a hunter and a scavenger. It will feed on just about anything that it can find - lemmings, voles, squirrels, birds, bird eggs, berries, fish, carrion, pizza... (Okay, maybe not pizza.) If the fox can't kill enough to eat, it will even settle for leftovers.

Its white coat makes it hard to see in the winter, so sometimes it will sneak along behind a polar bear, hoping to eat what the bear leaves behind after it has feasted. It must be very sly or it will become the bear's lunch!

Arctic foxes also prepare for winter by storing up food over the summer months. Food may be scarce in the cold dark winter, so they plan ahead, saving dead birds, lemmings, and eggs - that freeze in the permafrost - to be eaten later.

Smart little critters, aren't they?

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