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Sea Sculpts Bergs

Icebergs are very unstable. The highly random shape and non-uniform melting can lead to frequent shifts.

Tabular bergs are generally the most stable, but domed and wedge shaped ones may roll over completely in just seconds - and without any warning!

Sometimes icebergs become "grounded" near shore. When the tide rises and falls the sea ice rises and falls with it - but the iceberg doesn't. This creates all kinds of scraping, creaking and groaning noises as pack ice rubs up and down the uneven sides of the berg.

Icebergs often make other creaks, groans, growls and bangs as the sun heats up the surface. If the ice breaks and a big piece falls off, it may make the berg unstable, causing it to tip or roll into another position.

Huge breaks, tips or rolls can cause waves and ripples that break up the surface of the surrounding sea ice.

If you're using the pack ice as a platform to view unstable bergs, you may find yourself floating in the water as well!

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