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"Mom! I Can't Feel My Toes!"

Frostbite is frozen body tissue - the freezing of the skin and / or the bodily tissues under the skin - and it must be handled carefully to prevent permanent tissue damage or loss. Get medical help!

Wind increases heat loss from exposed parts of your body, and the wind chill factor can significantly increase the chances of getting frostbite. (Wind Chill Calculator)

Frostnip is frostbite's early warning signal, and it usually affects areas of your body that are exposed to the cold, such as your cheeks, nose, ears, fingers, and toes, leaving them white and numb.

Frostnip is not as serious as frostbite, and it can be treated at home.

Here's what to do:

  • Come indoors immediately.
  • Remove all wet clothing. Wet clothes draw heat from the body.
  • Put the chilled body parts in warm (not hot) water until all feeling returns.
  • Don't control the water temperature yourself during rewarming. Numb hands won't feel the heat and you can be severely burned by water that is too hot.
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