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A Continent Under Ice

At the peak of the last glaciation or "Ice Age", most of North America was covered by ice. Present day Canada was covered by ice more than 1000 meters / 3,200 feet thick!

Not only did the huge masses of ice scrape, gouge and plow across the continent, but the sheer weight of it pushed coastal areas far below sea level. When the ice melted, the landscape was changed forever.

•  Without the weight of the ice, the Maine coast of the eastern U.S.A. has risen at least 180 meters / 600 feet. Traces of ice age beaches have been found that far above the present sea level.

•  Hudson Bay is a depression near the middle of the continent that was the center of ice accumulation. The weight of so much ice left a hole that filled with water.

•  The Central and Northern Rocky Mountains have U-shaped valleys that were carved by glaciers. Yosemite Valley is a good example - its famous Half Dome is a huge granite rock that was cut in half by the glacier that plowed out the valley.

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