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Malaspina Glacier Flows Over Lowlands

At the top of Alaska’s panhandle, Malaspina Glacier spills from a funnel of rock in the St. Elias Mountains and spreads out to form a huge pancake between the mountains and the sea.

This massive glacier is the largest "piedmont" glacier on the continent. Piedmont glaciers occur where steep valley glaciers exit a mountain range onto flat plains or lowlands. They are no longer confined, and the ice spreads out in wide bulb-like lobes.

Malaspina Glacier is actually a compound glacier, formed by the merger of several valley glaciers. Spilling out of the Seward Ice Field, it covers 1,500 sq. miles / 3,880 sq. km as it spreads across the coastal plain. It is so large that only satellite images can provide a complete overview.

Picture: NASA photo of the tongue of the Malaspina Glacier.

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