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Pod Forms Hunting Pack

Orcas (Killer Whales) are found in all oceans of the world, but these striking black and white whales are most common in the Arctic and Antarctic waters.

They are strong swimmers and can zip through the ocean at up to 25 miles / 40 km per hour. Their speed and sharp teeth (up to 5 inches / 12 cm long) help them to catch their prey - usually fish, seals, sea otters or walruses.

Orcas are very social animals, and usually travel in pods of 5-20 members. They often work together to catch a meal - sometimes they will chase many fish into one area and then take turns feeding, or they will beach themselves (slide out of the water onto the shore or ice) to scare seals or penguins into the water where other whales are waiting with hungry mouths.

The Yup'ik people of Siberia and Alaska considered the orca to be sacred and the protector of hunters. They used a special whalebone clapper to mimic the sound of the whale, which scared the walrus and seal onto land or ice where other hunters were waiting with spears and clubs.

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