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Polar Bear Instructions: How to Catch Seals

We, polar bears, will eat almost anything, but we prefer seals. Here are the best ways to catch our favorite meal.

1. Wear your white fur coat to keep you from being seen against the white ice and snow. Then you can sneak up on seals that are basking on the ice.

2. Take advantage of the seal's sleep-wake rhythms - crawl slowly forward when the seal sleeps and freeze in place when the seal raises its head. When you get close enough... dinner!

3. We can't breathe underwater, and neither can seals. Wait quietly by the seal's breathing hole in the ice and when it comes to the surface for air - grab the sucker!

4. When seals give birth in the spring, they nurture their pups in dens and shelters in snow drifts on the ice. Search out those resting places and dig the tender little pups out of the snow. They're not big, but they make a great snack.

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