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Before Petroleum and Plastics . . . Arctic Whaling

Whalers began hunting whales in the Arctic as far back as the 16th century. By the 18th century, many European ports were sending fleets of whalers to Greenland and the Davis Strait.

In the 1800s a large population of bowhead whales was discovered in the Bering Sea. American ships sailed north from ports such as San Francisco, and a new assault on the whales began.

The season was short - whaling ships entered the Arctic as soon as the ice had melted enough to permit passage, but they had to sail out in late summer to avoid getting trapped. Many ships were lost as ice closed in around them, so by the late 1800s, a number of whaleships were wintering in the Arctic.

Click for more information. The main demand was for whale oil. Before the discovery of petroleum, it was used as fuel, to make soap, and to lubricate the machinery of the industrial revolution.

Baleen is an elastic, horny material forming fringed plates that hang from the upper jaw of baleen whales and strain plankton from the water. Before the invention of plastics, this flexible and incredibly strong "whalebone" was used to make parasol frames, whips, fishing rods, corsets and hoop skirts.

If it hadn't been for petroleum and changes in fashion, it's very likely that many whale species would have been completely wiped out.

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