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From our library of things you should know about the Arctic

Life's hard - but at least... (read on)

Arctic wolves usually live in small packs or family groups consisting of a breeding pair, their cubs, and their unmated offspring from past seasons. The dominant, or breeding, pair are known as the "alpha male" and "alpha female" and are respected by the rest of the pack.

Pregnant wolves leave the pack to find a birthing den. The pups are born deaf, blind, and totally dependent on their mother, who relies on her mate to bring the food she needs. When the pups are able to eat meat, the whole pack shares the job of feeding them with regurgitated meat from a kill.

The pups are born into a hard life. They must be able to tolerate years of sub-zero temperatures, up to five months of darkness a year, and weeks without food.

What's good about their territory? It's so far north that the wolves are quite safe from the greatest threat of all - people.

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