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From our library of things you should know about the Arctic

A Reindeer Ride... Through the Sky?

In Arctic North America, the "deer of the North" are called "caribou", but in Europe and Asia, they are called "reindeer" (Santa Claus, the North Pole's famous resident, must have found his team there).

These are the only deer where both cows and bulls grow antlers (so Santa's team is represented by both genders). The distinctive antler shape varies greatly and it is said that, like snowflakes, no two are exactly the same (that must be how Santa tells Dasher from Prancer).

These animals are ideally suited for living in the snow and ice. Their feet are wide with four toes that spread out like snowshoes, so they can "float" across snow, soft ice, and muskeg.

Reindeer have a compact body that is covered by a warm, hollow-haired coat that traps air and provides excellent insulation. This protects them from the cold, and even their muzzles, tails and feet are well furred. That hollow hair also helps them to float in cold icy water.

Hmmm. "Floating" across the snow... and "floating" in the water...? Do you think reindeer could even float through the air - or even FLY?

It's Christmas Eve! WATCH THE SKY!

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