Sakku School, Coral Harbour, Nunavut

Cultural Inclusion Class

(A Report by A. Good Student)

At Sakku School, most of our classes are in Language Arts, Social Studies,

 Math, Computer literacy, Science and Art.  However, we do not neglect

 our culture.  We have classes in our first language, Inuktitut, and in the

 traditional ways of our ancestors.  Our Cultural Inclusion program starts in

 October and goes until March.  Below are some of the things we learn.


In this Picture, Mona and Susie are showing Malaiyah, Linda, Sally and Nicky how to sew.  They start off with cloth, but later, learn how to sew caribou hide into mittens, boots and clothing.


Malaiyah, Noel, Johnny and Davidee are very interested in learning how to prepare a freshly killed caribou.  Armond is showing them how it is done. Caribou are very plentiful near Coral Harbour and this resource is a common meal in most homes.


Kindergarten students really enjoy working with wood. Here Cameron shows Willie Jr., Sandy Jr., Clifford Jr. and Joe Jr. how to make a model of the sleds they see all over town.  In the real thing, during the long Arctic winter, they travel for days over the land hunting caribou, and on Hudson Bay hunting seals and other game.


Yes, we have internet, cable and satellite TV and lots so modern things in Coral Harbour.  However, the traditional skills of our ancestors are just as important.  Our school is making sure we never forget them.

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