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16 Dogs... 4 Women... 2 Sleds...
The Arctic Quest Expedition is Underway!
"On Buster! On Taters! On Kermit and Solo!
To the top of the hill and on through the snow..."

Arctic Quest 2004 is a women's dog sledding expedition making its way through Northern Canada from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories to Churchill, Manitoba.

The expedition consists of only four women (Gail Kuhl, Sarah LaKosky, Suellen Sack and Jodi Swanson) and sixteen dogs pulling two sleds. The route is a challenging one over land, river and sea ice. By following trails and river systems, the expedition recently arrived at the Inuit hamlet of Baker Lake. It will continue east over Baker Lake and cut overland to Rankin Inlet to allow safe travel on the western shore sea ice of Hudson Bay. The group will visit the Inuit villages of Whale Cove and Arviat and expects to arrive in Churchill by the end of April. The final portion of the trip will be completed by train from Churchill to Gillam, where the expedition will conclude.

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All of the dogs are traditional freight dogs. Some of the dogs are Canadian Eskimo, while others are a mix of Canadian Eskimo and Polar Husky (the dog developed by Will Steger for his polar expeditions). These dogs were chosen for their wonderful spirit and endurance as well as their ability to stay warm in the extreme cold encountered on such a trip.

There have been opportunities along the way to form Internet links between the expedition and Canadian and U.S. schools so that participating classrooms can share in this adventure.

One objective of the expedition is to contribute to a scholarship fund to provide deserving youth with the opportunity to attend winter courses at the Voyageur Outward Bound School. These courses provide opportunities for developing self confidence, self esteem, and awareness of social and environmental communities. All of the women in the expedition are Outward Bound instructors, and as it is their job to help students develop character through experiences that challenge them physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially, they feel it is important to role model this themselves.

And this is certainly a challenge!

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