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Lost on the stormy sea! Crystal listens at the door Squallhoot tracks! Captured! Lookouts on the tower
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There is a legend from days long ago
Of a strange frozen land - so icy and cold.
Where the sun made the castles and icicles shine,
And the nights shone with magical lights in the sky.
And strange looking creatures, unlike any we've seen,
Were said to inhabit this place. And indeed -
It was said that little blue beings lived on the top
Of a great shining ice-cap. They were called Throps.

But deep in the caverns that ran through the ice,
Lived the Squallhoots - all furry and white.
They'd sneak in the night and hide from the sun
To vanish by daylight. Who knew what they'd done?
Back in their caverns they'd gather about
To huddle in hubbubs. They'd shriek and they'd shout!
The Throps would listen for those troublesome sounds
From high in their castle - with the doors bolted down.

Has this lost land of icicles that sparkled and glowed
Vanished forever? If so - where did it go?
Gone are the castles and mountains that shone -
All that's left is the stillness. What could have gone wrong?
Oh, its fate has been pondered, and there's many a theory
Of what could have happened, but few will agree.
So think of snow, and ice, and air nippy and crisp,
And I'll tell you a story - of a place called...

A Guide to Arctic
Sunrise and Sunset
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