QUICK PICK: Certain Friends | Chasing the Clouds Away | Council Day | If I Were a Throp
If We Try | I'm Not Immune to the Rays and Warmth of Sunlight | Jiggery-Pokery | Ka Me, Ka Thee
Sometimes | Squallhoot Song | That's What Squallhoots Do | Wind and Rain | Words
From the
Story of the
Throps and
the Squallhoots...
Lyrics and Music by L.W.Collingwood. Copyright © 1995 Athropolis Productions Limited
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ICEBERG - the Story of the Throps and the Squallhoots.
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Quick Pick

Take THIS! 1. Squallhoot Song MP3 Download 2.3MB
The Squallhoots liked to sing, and the scarier
the song - all the better to scare those Throps! (2:20)
2. That's What Squallhoots Do MP3 Download 2.0MB
The Throps have heard all sorts of stories about the nasty things that Squalloots do. Nobody has actually seen them do those things, but the rumors must be true! Squallhoots mean "TROUBLE IN THE NIGHT"! (2:02)

3. If I Were a Throp MP3 Download 1.8MB
Like the Throps, Squallhoots have heard rumours and stories about their neighbours - and the stories get more frightening every time they are told. Who'd ever wanna be a Throp? (1:55)
4. If We Try MP3 Download 2.7MB
"We can't do it by ourselves. We can only do it if we all work together. We can do it all together if we try!" (2:51)
5. Jiggery-Pokery MP3 Download 2.7MB
Was that really what Squallhoots thought about Throps? Was that really what Throps thought Squallhoots did? Why, it was all just jiggery-pokery! Nothing but jiggery-pokery! (2:56)
6. Ka Me, Ka Thee MP3 Download 2.8MB
The Throps and Squallhoots agree to work together - it's the ONLY way to save Athropolis. Ka me, ka thee! I'll help you - and you help me! (3:02)
Background Songs
7. Sometimes MP3 Download 4:54MB
Do you remember what it was like to be a child? A world of adventure, mad schemes and sweet dreams! Anything was possible - if only for that wonderful imaginary moment. (4:54)
8. Chasing the Clouds Away MP3 Download 4:41MB
The children are lost - alone on a stormy night with nothing for company but the icebergs and the wind. (4:41)
9. Council Day MP3 Download 3:24 MB
The children are brought into the great hall where they sit, listening carefully. They are not allowed to say a single word. What are those Throps going to do with them? (3:24)
Pictures of the recording session
10. Words MP3 Download 3:04MB
Jason tries to remember everything he has ever been told or taught, for there is no one to help him now. The chorus of a favorite song dances through his head... (3:04)
Bye bye 11. Wind and Rain MP3 Download 2:19MB
The rain fell steadily, and after completing its work of slowly and gently wearing away the ice and snow, the water scurried into the cracks and crevices. (2:19)
12. Certain Friends MP3 Download 4:27MB
The voices of the Throps were joined by the deep rich voices of the Squallhoots. The result was magical! Nobody had ever heard such beautiful music! (4:27)
13. I'm Not Immune to the Rays and Warmth of Sunlight MP3 Download 4:47MB We're not immune to the beauty of this world - and we will not change! (And Squallhoots still aren't immune to those sizzlin' old sunbeams!) (4:47)

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