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Inuit History: 300 Years Ago to Now

Between 150 and 350 years ago, the Arctic climate was colder than it is at present. This period is known as the "Little Ice Age".

Increased sea ice kept large whales from entering Arctic waters. Without whales, the people of Arctic North America had to change their way of life. They left their permanent coastal houses for snow-houses on the ice where they could hunt seals at their breathing holes.

During this period of Inuit history, explorers, whalers, traders and missionaries began to appear. Along with a different way of life, they also brought infectious diseases that shattered Inuit culture before it could be recorded in detail. Much of what we know about this period has been pieced together from traditional oral histories.

Paleo-Eskimo Period: 3000-5000 years ago.
Dorset Period: 1000-3000 years ago.
Thule ("Toolee") Period: 300-1000 years ago.
Historical Period: Present-300 years ago.

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