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Corpse Whales?

The narwhal is one of the rarest whales, with only between 25,000 and 45,000 remaining in the world. They are found in the frigid waters of the Arctic, from Canada through the Norwegian waters to Russia, but are seldom seen further south than 70 north latitude.

Narwhal means "corpse whale", and its called that because of it's color - a mottled dark grey. They have less grey on the sides and a white belly.

Narwhals and Beluga whales share many physical characteristics. Similar in shape and size, they both have short beaks, rounded heads, no dorsal fin and a thick layer of blubber for warmth. The big difference is that the narwhal has a beautiful spiralling tusk and belugas don't.

Because of its single tusk, the narwhal has been compared to the mythical unicorn. There is a big difference though - the unicorn had a single horn protruding from its forehead, the narwhal's tusk is actually a very long left tooth.

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