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views of the NORTH POLE.

Canada Claims Ocean Ice

Canada claimed sovereignty of the North Pole in the mid-20th century, and there is an international understanding that if the claim goes unchallenged for a century, the claim is granted.

The Danish government is now claiming that there may be a ridge attached to Greenland (a Danish territory). Scientists are trying to measure where the ridge ends to see if Greenland, 800 km / 500 miles south of the Pole, comes closest to Santa's headquarters.

And why would anyone be interested in a sheet of ice in the middle of an ocean (there doesn't seem to be very much there except ice over water that is up to 3 miles / 4.8 km deep in places)?

Well, it could provide access to natural resources under the ocean floor. Norway, Denmark's neighbour, has benefitted from such claims, becoming the world's third-largest oil exporter.

The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea says that economic zones for coastal countries extend 370 km / 230 miles from the shore. If Greenland's ridge goes out that far, the North Pole could be Danish.

Canada isn't budging and maintains its claim.

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