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Also see: MP3 Downloading
Audio Players:
To listen to the songs as "Instant Play" or in CD quality sound using the MP3 format, you will require an "Audio Player". If you do not have one - check out the links below...


RealAudio: For RealAudio sound files you will need a RealAudio player. If you do not have one, you can download one for free - just click on the botton at right.

MP3 / High Speed Streaming:.
Check these sites (with player information, reviews, and downloading information) for player for WINDOWS, MACINTOSH or LINUX.



Hardware and Software requirements:
1. We recommend at least a Pentium, Mac Power PC or comparable processor
2. Sound card and speakers
3. Modem: 28.8k or faster
4. Download an audio player
NOTE: Players like the MusicMatch Jukebox are an MP3 player/recorder/encoder combination. Portable MP3 players are also available.

Also see: Audio Players Downloading
  How MP3 Files Work     MP3 Resources  

MP3 is a compression form (like .zip) and stands for Mpeg 1 Audio Layer 3.

MP3 shrinks audio files in such a way that CD SOUND QUALITY is preserved, but the file size is significantly smaller than it would be as a regular CD song file. The size of a 4 minute song is reduced from over 40MB to less than 4MB.

This reduction in size (approximately 12 times smaller than the original) has several advantages:

1. Music can now be easily transmitted over the internet. The reduced file size means you can download an entire song in only a few minutes. Then you can play the song instantly as many times as you want - without requiring connection to the internet.

2. You can create CDs that contain over 160 songs and can play for over 14 hours.

3. Songs can be stored on a hard disk and played directly from there.

The MP3 format must be decompressed when played. That means that you need a computer and MP3 player to play them.