The giant snowballs are flying in the...

Reload the catapults and

It's twilight, and the big snowball fight is about to begin. Throps and Squallhoots have built snow walls for protection.

The Throps know where the Squallhoots are - more or less - but they can't see them because of the fog and mist. The only thing to do is to use the catapults to launch the big snowballs at randon in the general direction of their snow forts. When all the walls are broken down, those pesky Squallhoots will scurry back to their caves and caverns beneath the ice.

Unless... they knock down the Throps' walls first! YIKES! RETREAT TO THE CASTLE!

The Throp scouts say that the Squallhoots have built the same number of walls as the Throps, and the Squallhoots can't see the Throps' walls either.

You are the General of the Throps. Select your target location by clicking in the Squallhoots' territory (left snow grid). A miss just makes a crater in the snow. A hit on part of a wall flashes a signal so you know where to aim to get the rest of it.

The right hand snow grid shows where your own snow walls are, and for every snowball you send over - the Squallhoots will send one back at you! The battle will be over when one side knocks down all of the snow walls of the other.

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Keep the catapults loaded, and play 'HOOT SHOOT !