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Instant Play:
The "INSTANT PLAY" icon shown at right indicates FREE sound files available from this web site - just click on them to play. (You will require an Audio Player)

"Instant Play" is available in three different formats:
RealAudio: for RealAudio Players (G2+)
Lo Fi: for most players with a 28.8 modem or faster
Hi Fi: for high speed connections

"Instant Play" lets you play a song as it is downloading (streaming) to your computer. You don't wait for the entire file to download - it starts playing as soon as the first information arrives.

You can hear the song without waiting, and RealAudio / Lo Fi usually works even if your internet connection is relatively slow.
The sound quality for RealAudio and Lo Fi is inferior to the CD quality of MP3.

You can compare quality with our FREE MP3 DOWNLOADS . (See MP3).